Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre was built in an undeveloped area located south-west of the historic centre of Gdańsk. The building is varied in shape on various levels versus the ground level.

The interiors are primarily white to contrast with the dark cladding of the theatre façade. The material that is regularly used in generally accessible spaces of the theatre includes stone floors, handrails and finish of balustrades made of white limestone from Istria and light colour wooden cladding. The theatre hall is the most important part of the complex - it has an openable roof so that performances can be held under the sky with natural light. Due to a large number of spectators during performances or visits to the theatre, the large number of fire partitions had to be of an appropriate size which was achieved with ALPE W. The product was provided with appropriately selected accessories: hinges or door closers selected to suit the weight of the leaf.