European Solidarity Centre

The new ESC headquarters is a dynamic and an obvious landmark in the neighbourhood. The building covers the area of about one hectare and has 5 floors and an underground parking lot for 286 cars. Apart from the permanent exhibition, the Centre also houses inter alia an archive, library, media library, a multi-functional room; on the ground floor, there is a garden open the whole year and a book shop, a souvenir shop and a café.

The building was inspired by the adjacent shipyard and the ships that are built there. The effect was achieved by avoiding vertical walls and façades and covering the entire spaces with Corten. However, the angled structure makes the finish and fitting of the interiors more complex than usually. The supplied doors had to be made to ensure comfortable use although they are fitted at an angle to vertical spaces. In the building there are ALPE steel swing doors, fitted on raised thresholds, and sliding doors.