Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw is the oldest art university in Poland. The edifice in Powiśle has gone through a major renovation and an expansion with a new impressive wing with a view of the park and the Vistula. The historic modernised building was erected in 1911-1914. The design among others provided for restoration of the historic façade in the inner yard and a vertical addition of one storey.

All partitions were carefully selected to ensure harmony with the artistic and minimalistic finish line of the Academy. One of the lecture halls is entered via a set of slim wooden DREW doors. Along with the accompanying panels of side finish, they constitute a characteristic entrance portal. The door leaves are made of solid glued wood which provides for high acoustic insulation which is very important and compliant with the functions of a lecture room.

Another type of the applied partitions include ALPE single-leaf steel doors with side transom and a solid panel above the door. The side transom made on the entire height of the partition is embedded in steel profiles of the window walls of the PROFILE ISO system. The building is provided with numerous partitions in wooden and steel technologies, harmonising with the entire finish.