Single leaf sliding gate

TLB  single leaf sliding gate. Manual opening, gravitational closing. Gate leaf made of two galvanized steel sheets, min. 0,75mm thick. Filled with gypsum boards and mineral wool fixed to the steel with polyurethane adhesive. The sliding door equipped with electromagetic door holder or electromagnetic speed control or Tousek automatic optionally. Guide track with cover. Control system components in addition: control unit, release button, smoke detectors.

  • single or double leaf, as well as multi-segment (so-called telescopic ones)
  • maximum gate sizes, large enough to meet the requirements of demanding designers and investors
  • it is possible to fit them with of ALPE type
  • an innovative gate guiding system is used with an electromagnetic closing speed controller,
  • which guarantees long-lasting reliability and safety of using the sliding gates
  • available with pedastrian door
  • Fire resistance class: TLB EI60: EI2 60, TLB EI 120: EI2 120