Raptor multi-family doors


Our offer includes doors dedicated to residential buildings. Raptor multi-family doors are an ideal solution for multi-family housing and modern hotel facilities.

Ergonomics and design

Replacement and installation of cladding panels

Possible at any time, in case of rearrangement or mechanical damage, no need to remove the door leaf and calling the specialist.

Master Key System

As standard, doors are eqipped with a system of cylinders with a pre-planned key system. Investor is only obligated to purchase a system for common areas.

Access Control

Factory fitted doors for the installation of smartphone control system, hotel systems, long and short-term rental.

Finishing of the door leaf

Choice of HDF laminated panels, natural wood veneer, stone veneer, powder painting in any colour from the RAL palette with a two-colour finish.

Door frames – types and finish

Corner, internal and embracing frame. Finished with any colour from RAL, NCS palette. The frame construction allows to obtain the effect of a non-rebated door.

Covering panels

Flame retardant decorative panels designed for covering walls and shafts, compliant with the door leaf finish.

Door thresholds

Made of powder painted steel, stainless steel or wood.

Shaft coverings

Fire-resistance and finish in accordance with the standard of residential doors. 

Multi-family doors technical parameters

Burglar resistance according to norm PN-EN 1627:2012 RC3-RC4
Fire resistance   according to norm PN-EN 13501-2+A1: 2010 EI230-EI260
Acoustic insulation  Rw (Ra1;Ra2) according to norm PN-EN ISO 717-1: 2013-08 45-47dB (-2;-1)
Air permeability  Uw according to norm PN-EN ISO 10077-2:2012 1,3W/m2K
Mechanical strenght according to norm PN-EN 1192:2001 class 4

Ergonomic design

Raise the prestige and introduce a dose of modernity to the standard of your apartment. The new design of RAPTOR doors allows you to add modern electronic access devices to the room at any time. Your client will be able to choose the access control of his front door himself.

New options of surface finishing

Natural products as stone and wood are being chosen more and more often by architects because of their unique aesthetic qualities. In our new line of Stone Line doors, we offer several designs to choose from and the possibility of finishing the surface with a natural stone veneer. Both internal and external panels can be replaced any time.