Fire partitions – arrangement in the building


Application of fire partitions is not a good will of a designer or architect but a legally imposed mandatory solution. A building will be made available for use only when it meets all requirements. Modern fire partitions ensure safety and aesthetic design suited to the needs of any building structure and any interior.

Function of fire partitions

A fire partition prevents spreading of fire inside a building. Depending on the type of fire partitions, their role is not only to stop the fire from penetrating subsequent rooms but also to protect the rooms against high temperature and harmful vapours, which are a common cause of death during fires. There are some coefficients which inform about how long a fire door will maintain its properties. A fire resistance class (EI) is the basic parameter, which can be EI 30, EI 60 or EI 120. The numerical values stand for the number of minutes in which fire partitions maintain their properties. The letter "E" means fire integrity while "I" stands for fire insulation. A detailed explanation of issues related to fire protection can be found in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their locations.

Types of fire partitions

Ceilings and walls are elements of fire partitions which prevent the spread of fire owing to their special constructions and materials applied. Fire partitions also include steel fire doors, wooden fire doors, profile fire doors as well as fire gates and curtains. Some can be surprised to learn that wooden door can also protect against destructive effects of fire. It is a very safe and also extremely aesthetic solution. Aesthetic is an issue which is often mentioned nowadays when talking about fire partitions. Producers very often provides products which will protect human life in case of fire and, on daily basis, will match the interior design.

Arrangement of fire partitions

Fire partitions mustn’t be arranged randomly in a building. Owing to proper planning the fire partitions will be able to perform their life and health protecting function in case of fire. A civil engineering expert designs the arrangement of fire partitions. Each building is approached individually. Still it is obvious that fire partitions must be used in potentially dangerous rooms such as a boiler room or waste storage. It results from a higher fire risk. If fire starts in such a room, it will be possible to stop spreading the devastating element and hence minimise the hazards and losses owing to the fire door.

Fire doors are often used as entrance doors in flats or hotel rooms. In shopping malls, multi-storey car parks, warehouses and industrial premises it is common to use sliding gates or flexible rolling curtains. Their role is to separate fire zones.

Proper arrangement and quality

Fire partitions play a very important role in any building. That’s why neither their arrangement nor quality must be random. Both the arrangement and quality determine the safety of inhabitants, employees and visitors staying in the building. Manufacturers of fire partitions can often propose solutions which cater for individual needs and requirements and are a full guarantee of safety.