Fast and effective evacuation of large rooms ensured by the panic bar in the fire-rated door


Fire-proof doors are an essential component of large building equipment. But according to the technical conditions, in rooms occupied by more than 300 people, evacuation through the door should be done by means of a panic bar (crash bar.) A fire can explode anytime and anywhere, and it is particularly dangerous in public buildings, where a lot of people are staying and their evacuation is difficult. A large number of temporary users and rotation hamper the situation during a fire. This applies in particular to mass events organized in such facilities. During a fire, all components of the fire protection system should work without any problems, starting from the sensors that signal the problem, ending with the fire doors that enable evacuation. An additional component of doors of this type is the panic bar, which works well when evacuating a large number of people. It can be selected according to the nature of the interior. It is worth to decide to mount such a bar already at the design stage, because its width affects the width of passage opening of the entire fire door.

Fire-rated doors

Fast and effective evacuation is possible due to the installation of well-chosen fire-rated doors that meet all engineering requirements. If the doors are wide enough, people in the building can access the escape route faster.

The function of this type of door is to separate two zones – a safe one and the one, in which fire can spread. Such doors should be connected to the fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, the signal reaches the holders, which will enable closing the door and separating the dangerous zone, separated from the rest of the rooms.

Fire-rated doors with panic bar

The door on the escape route should open to the exit direction. Additionally, if installed in buildings where there are more than 300 people, they should be provided with panic bars. These are horizontal bars or rods enabling unlocking of the closing mechanism. They must cover a minimum of 60 % of the width of the door leaf. They must open under pressure of 8 kg and 22 kg when the door press with a force of 100 kg.

Panic bar is a very important component of the door equipment to ensure a quick and efficient evacuation. It works in such a way that when pressed during evacuation, the user is able to open the door leaves, both passive and active, with one move. There are two types of bars available. The first of them is a push-in lever, i.e. a so-called push bar, and the second is a panic bar.

The bars are made of various materials. The most durable and the most aesthetic ones are made entirely of stainless steel. Some bars are also made of aluminium or plastic.

In most cases, the panic bar reduces the width of the passage opening. It is therefore recommended to take this component into account at the design stage and widen the door. Panic bars usually decrease the width of the passage opening of 10cm, while the push bars between 6 and 8cm.

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