Doors for special tasks – large-size steel fire doors


Residential, public, production, storage or livestock – any building, regardless of its purpose, should be divided into fire zones. These are spaces separated and secured in such a way that during a set time, the fire cannot spread. If a large fire separation is required at the connection of these zones, it may be a good idea to use large ALPE W steel door.

Fire zones require the use of appropriate fire protection solutions

Buildings are divided into fire zones, the size of which depends primarily on their purpose and method of use, as well as on the surface area and volume. In the case of production and storage buildings, the dimensions of the fire zone depend on the fire load density, the explosion risk and the height of the building as well as the number of its storeys. On the other hand, in the case of public utility buildings, apart from the last two parameters, the so-called fire hazard to humans category, as well as equipment with automatic smoke extraction devices and/or fixed fire extinguishing devices are taking into consideration when determining fire zones.

The existence of separate spaces increases safety and makes it easier to evacuate people present in the facility, and at the same time, it allows to limit the extent of any material damage caused by the fire. Thanks to the wide range of doors, gates and fire curtains of various sizes and properties, building experts can easily select such solutions for the fire zones that will be tailored to the specificity of a given facility and its individual rooms.

Large-size steel fire doors – where can they be used?

Fire separation prevents fire from spreading to further rooms, and most often, also protects against high temperatures and harmful fumes. They protect primarily floors and walls against the spread of fire, which must have adequate not only resistance to temperature and heat radiation, but also smoke-tightness. In the locations where the fire zones of a building connect, various types of fire doors, gates and curtains are used. In the case of large building openings, it is necessary to use fire-resistant partitions of large dimensions, i.e. for example a sliding gate, flexible rolling curtains or large-size steel door (hinged gate).

Hinged gates are dedicated for use in production facilities, warehouses and shopping centres as movable internal and external closures of building openings. They can be used for openings with dimensions above 2500x3000mm, and even up to 4500x4500mm. If necessary, ALPE wicket gates can be installed in them, which will facilitate pedestrian communication of people using a given room and facilitate possible evacuation in an emergency situation.

Production technology and fire resistance of steel fire doors

The large-size steel doors offered by ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors are manufactured using a unique technology consisting in joining the sheets of their leaves by bending and riveting. Due to this solution, they are characterized by high corrosion resistance, as well as, the ideal plane of the door leaf. For the production of doors, pressed galvanized steel sheets are used, with a thickness of min. 0.75mm, while a thickness of up to 1.25mm can be used on request; filling of their wings is made of a gypsum plasterboard and mineral wool. The total door leaf thickness is 76mm and its weight is 40kg/m2. Steel doors are powder coated in any colour from the RAL palette, and as a standard, they are made of steel coated in RAL7035 grey.

As for the parameters related to fire protection, the fire resistance of large-size doors is EI260, which means that they lose their properties and cease to perform a separating function after 60 minutes from the beginning of the fire. At customer’s request, they can be additionally equipped with a self-closing device that automatically closes openings in the event of fire.

Other properties of large-size doors

Large-size steel doors, in addition to fire resistance, are also characterized by good thermal and acoustic insulation as well as high strength (Class 4 of mechanical strength). They can be equipped with additional components, such as panic lock, electric lock, SAP fire alarm equipment, or rectangular glazing with dimensions not larger than 500x1000mm. The use of the latter does not adversely affect the fire performance of the door.