Door closers for fire-rated doors


There is a requirement to install fire doors in large buildings. Doors of this type must be provided with a self-closing device. These, in turn, can be perfectly matched to a specific type of door. Door closers, colloquially known as door self closers, constitute an important accessory of the fire doors. In the doors of this type, it is simply obligatory equipment. Door closers can be divided into: arm, rail and concealed devices. The selection of a particular model depends on the width and weight of the door leaves.

Fire-rated doors must be provided with a door closer

Doors are installed everywhere, but in large buildings, especially in public buildings, they must be fire doors. Such doors determine the safety and functionality of a specific building. Fire protection separations of this type must have features such as: fire integrity, thermal insulation, smoke tightness, access control, and sound insulation. In addition, they must be equipped with a door closer (door self closer.)

All doors and door closers of ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors meet the requirements of law and investors’ needs. In the simplest products of this type, the door closer is included in the packaging with a standard or sliding arm.

Types of door closers

The simplest type of door closers is the one described above. Another type are door closers with increased closing force (designed for doors with a larger weight and area) and a greater range of universality. This means that any arm can be mounted to any actuator. This is possible due to a special solution in the method of joining the arm with the door closer. Even if a sliding arm is fitted instead of the standard arm, this does not affect the door closer. However, it is recommended to use standard arms for door closers made using rack and pinion technology. The rail closer reduces the closing force and increases the force required to open the door. That is why ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors has developed a special closing design designed to operate with the slide rail. It is a CAM MOTION system that makes the door open easily, although a large closing force is retained. Such door closers with the CAM system meet the CEN TR 15894 standard for buildings used by children and people who are less physically fit (e.g. in kindergartens, schools, clinics, hospitals, etc.). These closing devices can be installed on both sides of the door leaf, with and without the use of mounting plates.

Operation of all of them can be adjusted by means of valves (closing speed, closure speed, anti-impact function). These valves are thermal, which means that, if the door closer is installed outdoors, the valves adjust to the temperature and there is no need for seasonal adjustment of their operation.

Previously, we talked about surface-mounted door closers, and there are also concealed door closers, i.e. installed inside the door leaf. They are used in situations, where installation on the surface is difficult due to technical reasons or in connection with the project. Thanks to this type of closing devices, technical requirements are met, but this component is invisible.

Double doors are installed in many buildings. If they are fire-proof, they must also be provided with a self-closing device. The door leaves have to close in a certain order and the door closing coordinators serve this purpose. The passive wing must be closed first and then, the active one.

In order to prevent the door leaves from being worn fast, electromagnetic holders are installed in the sliding arms and coordinators. These devices are connected to the building’s security system and keep the door leaves open during normal operation. After cutting off the voltage by the security system, the electric closers are released, and the door closers cause the door leaves to close. This solution can be used in both surface and concealed mounted systems.

The most modern products from the series of door closers are the ‘free door leaf’ and the access control door closers. The first of them allows you to use the door in such a way, as if there was no door closer installed on it. The door is not closed by the door closer, it remains free until receiving a signal from the building’s security system. The door closer closes the door at the moment of voltage decay. On the other hand, the access control door closer is a design consisting in the incorporation of an electric lock with a mechanical lock. When the voltage is on, the door is inaccessible. After cutting off the voltage, you can open it. These types of door closers can be installed in existing doors and there is no need to modify door leaves and door frames.

The door closers of ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors can be integrated into any interior design due to the fact that they can be made in one of five standard finishes, i.e.: EV1 aluminium anode, bronze, white, black and stainless steel. They can also be painted in any colour from the RAL palette.