Anti-burglary fire doors


ALPE steel fire doors are a flagship product from ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors. They guarantee safety, ensure good sound insulation and their design matches any interior, even the most sophisticated and demanding one. The doors can be produced in an anti-burglary version which is their advantage that contributes to safety.

ALPE steel doors - characteristics

Their basic advantages include maximum safety, good sound insulation and modern design. Their production is based on a special technology which involves combining the door leaf sheets by bending and riveting. The solution guarantees high resistance to corrosion and a perfect plane of the door leaf. The doors are made of galvanised sheet or - on request - of stainless steel and powder-coated to any RAL colour. The doors can be of fire resistance class EI 30, EI 60 or EI 120. They can be made in a full range of sizes (wall and ceiling hatches, regular doors and large-sized sliding doors), as single- or double-leaf and with or without a rebate. The doors design can correspond to mechanical resistance class 4, which will make them very durable. Additionally, steel doors can be featured with anti-burglary mechanisms.

Anti-burglary fire door: technical parameters

The RC class, which is a burglary resistance class, is an important parameter to be taken into consideration when selecting anti-burglary door. The class indicates how long the door can resist burglary attempts using force and tools. For instance RC2 door will resist for about 3 minutes. This door class prevents the door opening with a screwdriver or pliers. RC 3 class door should resist for about 5 minutes. It is resistant to any attempts of its opening with a screwdriver or crowbar. If an anti-burglary alarm is installed and working properly, the door resistance should be sufficient to stop the burglar.

ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors anti-burglary steel doors can be made up to RC3 class. The RC2 class door has a fire resistance of EI 120 and can come in a single- or double-leaf design. The fire resistance of RC3 door can be EI 30 or EI 60. In both cases the door comes only as a single-leaf design.

Due to the fact, that ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors has highly-qualified and experienced staff, the company can offer top quality products matching the interior design, regardless of its architectural complexity. Moreover, the company adapts its products to individual needs of the customers. All fire partitions hold the necessary technical approvals and certificates complying with European standards.