Job interview

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Our recruiters are interesting in learning of your ambitions and skills and how you fit our needs. During the interview, try to be at ease and be yourself. Be open - each interview is a new experience and an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

1.  Job interview – stage I

Stage one of the job interview is usually performed by a representative of the HR Department. 

See how you can get ready for the job interview.

  • Get ready for the job interview with us - read about the company and see the key requirements for the job you apply for.  Try to see how your experience, know-how and skills fit the job.  Get ready for the subjects that may be discussed during the interview – projects and implementation, interesting tasks that you were involved in.
  • Prepare answers to questions about your financial expectations and when you may be ready to start work.
  • Prepare questions that you would like to ask your future employer. 

2.  Job interview – stage II

The next interview is held by the manager of the department to which you apply.  Expect more practical questions and verification of your command of the foreign language if this is required in the job.  Stage II is an excellent opportunity to ask more technical and detailed questions.  

Within 2 weeks of the last interview you will receive feedback from us.  If we decide to employ you in the position you applied for, in the next step we will send to you a job offer by e-mail with clearly specified employment terms. Once you accept the offer, the employment process starts. After a medical check-up, we will send you your employment contract and thereby you become one of us.

On the first day, each new employee gets a starting package.  In order to get more knowledge on how our organisation functions, each new employee goes through a number of induction training sessions.