Łukasz Wiąckiewicz

Service Manager

“My adventure with ASSA ABLOY Mercor Doors started in December 2013 - at the time ASSA ABLOY took over the Fire Partition Department. Already then I knew that the decision to change the employer was right...

A job in a new environment, in a new sector was a major challenge and an honour as I joined the Maintenance Department from a completely new sector.  The managers have trusted my commercial skills that I successfully used at the position of a Specialist.  The trust was worth as I was offered a promotion to a managerial position.  I was given an opportunity that I seized and continue to exploit by passing my sectoral and commercial experience to other team members. Daily diversified challenges, experiences, exchange of ideas, numerous meetings,  compromises, races against time, search for other solutions and work in a well fit team - this is something I like and something that motivates me every day.”